Shock set in as news of the Knitting Factory fire spread throughout the Treasure Valley. By the time the blaze was put out, over 60% of the iconic venue was destroyed. Shows had to move and the venue remains closed to this day. One consequence of the fire I didn't even consider at first was the people who were employed at the Knitt. I think it's pretty safe to most of us in the music industry live paycheck to paycheck, so how were these employees going to make it? Well thanks to some pretty special artist, help is on the way.

A fire devastated the local music scene when it tore through The Knitting Factory Concert House in downtown Boise.
Now, some of the musicians who played there, and the community are coming together to hold a benefit concert to help the people who work there.
The benefit concert is happening Sunday, September 23, at the Mardi Gras.

The benefit concert will take place from 1 p.m. until 12 am, and is open to all ages.

Tickets are $10 for 21 and older, and $5 for anyone under 21.

You can also help the employees by donating to this pay pall account.

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