There’s nothing quite like fishing on a nice hot day. You’ve got the sound of water flowing, an ice chest full of cold brews, sunshine, and the chance to experience arguably one of the most gratifying feelings a human being could experience: catching a fish. With summertime weather in full effect, you may be considering hitting the amazing rivers and lakes that Idaho has to offer to do some fishing. With that in mind, the fishermen of Idaho have accomplished some amazing feats throughout history.

We went through the archives of Idaho Fish & Game to see the records for fish caught in Idaho. There are, however, some state parameters that have to be met before one can qualify to hold a state record. Those guidelines, according to Idaho Fish & Game, include:

  • The fish was caught by the holder of a valid Idaho fishing license
  • The fish has to be caught using “legal methods”
  • The fish wasn’t captured during salvage season
  • The fish, of course, has to be caught in Idaho for it to be an Idaho state record
  • The fish was caught in publicly-accessible water
  • The fish wasn’t caught at a “pay-to-fish” facility
  • Your catch has to be submitted within 30 days of the day you caught your fish

They have other forms you’ll want to fill out when you submit your catch and you can check those out here. Without further ado, let’s dive (no pun intended, but we’ll take it) into the top catches in the state of Idaho.

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