You won’t see me in many of these photos considering I was taking all the pictures. I usually do! Take a look at our team from all angles setting of the Boise Music Festival.

It’s been nine years of memories at 103.5 Kissfm - Boise’s #1 Hit Music Station. I moved here with a best friend Lucky tha DJ and we both started building something amazing. I’ve watched him become one of the most popular personalities in Boise to moving on to his own radio station continuing our fight AGAINST child abuse. I’ve seen our original morning show, “Hooker in the Morning” move on to become a huge success in Salt Lake City. Nathan Fast has moved to San Diego where he can also be heard on Kissfm in L.A. Our most recent Huggie works with Lucky tha Dj, but in Portland. Huggie is the #1 dude and can be heard in syndication. We can't leave out our drinking buddy and previous midday talent, Miggy Santos. He went on to host mornings and program in Fresno, Vegas and is staying in California where he absolutely loves it.

BMF 2012 Nathan Fast, Michelle Heart, Lucky Tha Dj and Kekeluv

Why am I still in Boise? I fell in love you. Nothing rivals this city in my opinion and feel so fortunate to be working with my other BFF, Michelle Heart. Michelle could be in any major city across the country and we should be so lucky and fortunate to have her still at 103.5 Kissfm. She’s my assistant and the best one you could ever ask for. I also found my better half and we have the most amazing son. Paige and Lennox are my life. Life is pretty damn good and so much more to do. THAT is why I'm still in the Treasure Valley.

Paige, Kekeluv and Lennox

So, we've built a new team and continue to grow the legacy of Kissfm. We’ve just hired someone who I believe is a hidden talent that we hope to grow right here. I was doing mornings and afternoons while waiting on this guy to finish out his contractual agreements in Seattle. This guy is a triple threat and I’ll keep those talents to myself for right now (competitors probably reading this - I see you.) Welcome Chris Cruise and his new co-host Tawsha Box. Tawsha has been working with us for a few years and that pair is perfect. I think Tawsha has one of the biggest hearts, just a great mother and is finding herself too. Tawsha is talented beyond what she knows. I see it.

Cruise & Box will be your new wake up buddies is how I would describe them. They are really best friends and live across the street from each other. I really do love all these people because of how genuine and passionate they are.

BMF 2016 Chris Cruise and Mateo

Mateo is our new night guy and that’s another person who I believe is the TRUTH. Mateo graduated from Bishop Kelly High School, Idahoan and is just the nicest guy you will meet. This dude is genuine, has the LOUDEST laugh and WILL be the next star at night. No doubt. We’ve just brought on his best friend from Arizona whom you might know, Dj Complex. This is ANOTHER nice guy that has incredible talent as a mixer. He’s also a radio programmer, but his mixing skills are sick. Welcome back Dj Complex.

So, this is our new 103.5 Kissfm family. I hope you like us and give our new team a shot everyday. Here’s a few photos from Boise Music Festival that I captured. Enjoy!

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