Boise and craft beer...craft beer and Boise. Don't they just go hand in hand?

These days, there are so many options for locally brewed beer here in Boise it can almost be overwhelming if that's your scene. It's tough to not want to try them all and of course, you hope all of the local breweries and businesses are successful.

Among this scene, there are some pretty big names based right here in the Treasure Valley and Boise Brewing is one of those-- for a good reason. They have won a gold medal.

Located on Broad Street right downtown Boise, Boise Brewing is the gold medal winner from the Wold Beer Cup (this only happens every two years) for their Black Cliff's Beer (an American Stout). It's a pretty big deal that a brewery right here in Boise has brought home the gold. The best news of all? There is plenty of this award winning beer to go around as it's available on tap and on location.

Check it out at Boise Brewing downtown, 521 W. Broad Street.



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