If you're trying to make some extra "space" for your chickens, this is the way to do it. No, that won't be the only UFO pun in this article, so be prepared.

Ellen Deangelis lives in Boise, and keeps chickens in her back yard. Not content with any run-of-the-mill chicken coop, Ellen decided to take it upon herself to build a UFO-shaped home for her chickens. How did her and her? Ellen explains:

We kind of brainstormed how we were going to build that classic shape, and the first discussion was out of wood, but we really wanted something a little more curvy. We just decided that satellite dishes were going to be perfect for what we needed.

To make it even more realistic, the UFO has lights attached that blink. We can't confirm at this time if real-life UFOs also have blinking lights, but we'd like to imagine they do.

Since Idaho's winter is right around the corner, Deangelis even rigged the spacey space with heat so the chickens can stay warm year-round.

You can see the out-of-this-world chicken home here.

Before you go out building a chicken UFO of your own, you may want to consider the fact that having pet chickens could lead to you contacting salmonella.

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