Growing up, sports were my life. Watching, playing-- you name it. My friends and I were all so competitive. It didn't take long for me to notice, as the competition around me increased, that I was really only good at ONE thing. Running in a straight line...FAST. My friends now all laugh--running is the last thing I've got a desire to do and YES, it's true, I could run really fast. I've got the medals, pictures, and headlines (both national and local) to prove it.

When you get older, different things take priority. I'm in my twenties and I'll be the first to admit that once competitive sports ended, the desire to work out and get real intense in the gym fell Enter the college years and the bottomless meal plans. You get where I'm going with this.

Never did I think that I would get back into being ENTHUSIASTIC about a tough workout until I discovered Kvell Fitness & Nutrition in downtown Boise. Believe me, some days are uglier than others--but this place is the real deal.

As we all navigate a global pandemic, getting into our old routines or even new routines is a little more difficult than ever. Even the team at Kvell has been navigating new workout schedules depending on class time popularity and turnout.

Here's the great news: the exact same workouts, the exact same energy, TOTALLY custom fit to you with a personal coach and all, is now available to you through your screen--any screen you want.

Admit it--we're hooked to our screens more than we ever have been before.  If not by requirement for work, by choice or plain addiction.

Kvell Fitness & Nutrition, with their newly rolled out virtual training program, brings everything you need to improve your health and reach your goals right to you.

Created by local owner and operator, Brett Denton, this program brings to you:

  • Weekly accountability
  • Custom workouts
  • Personalized nutrition
  • Exercise demos/videos/interaction
  • Monthly, regular assessments

Put all of those apps, YouTube Channels, and expensive "trendy" programs aside. This local program is taking things to the next level. Your first session is even free. You've got to take the time to talk to Brett and his team about how this will change the game for you--no matter your goals.

Interested in learning more? Holler at my friend Brett Denton, HERE.

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