Is it just us, or is it beginning to feel like we're on the tail end of this Bud Light controversy? Some folks were outraged at the beer titan's choice of a spokesperson, and collectively decided to cancel Bud Light outright.

That was a few weeks ago. Which, in 2023 time, feels like it happened during the first Bush era. Outrages and cancellations are flying at us so fast it's hard to keep up. Let's dig deeper and see where we are on this hot topic currently.

It may upset you to find this out, but we can't simply sit idly by without giving you the facts on what's happening in Boise, even if it hurts. So know that us sharing this with you comes from a place of love and caring...

We've heard rumors that a man shopping at a local Boise grocery store physically removed a case of Bud Light from store shelves. What happened next is not what you're expecting.

The man took the case of Bud Light to the register, paid for it, and exited the store without incident.

We know! It's bananas to think that someone could completely ignore on the cancellation-of-the-week and beer. Without screaming at someone. Or throwing products across the store. Or stomping on a cardboard display.


It's a joke! We're just trying to get people to smile and snicker in 2023 since every news story is all doom and gloom. Honestly, drink whatever you want, or don't. Let's just be nice to each other, because life is insane.


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