After a blowout win on the blue turf over the University of New Mexico--with a third string quarterback at that--Boise State was left feeling pretty good about things. Until the infamous Top 25 rankings were would expect with a couple of losses ahead of Boise State and a dominating win that they have been needing, a move up with a given. The released poll results said otherwise: sorry, Boise--not only are you NOT jumping up, but you're going to be FALLING back a spot. Um, what!?

The Broncos remain behind two teams that they NEED to pass if a major bowl game is going to become any sort of reality. Those two teams are essentially right in front of them: Cincinnati and Memphis. These two teams actually play each other soon, too.

With the release last night of the College Football Rankings, things aren't looking THAT bad...but they could certainly be better.

The Broncos moved up one spot to #20 directly behind the two teams they need to pass. It is becoming clear that one of these three teams will be the one in a major bowl game--here in the Treasure Valley, we're just hoping it's Boise State.

To see the complete rankings for yourself, click HERE.

Boise State's last two games are on the road. The next one is this Saturday at Utah State University.

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