Boise State Football lost another game last weekend and take their disappointing 3-4 record into the bye week.

A season that promised an innovative offense, a player-friendly coach, and a return to dominance has resulted in missed opportunities, poor coaching, and three straight home losses. The time for excuses should be over for the Broncos while most Bronco Nation tries to figure out if the team will rally or continue suffering avoidable losses.  

Boise State did not execute its game plan properly, as we detailed here. Former Coach Bryan Harsin is having a better than an expected year as the coach of the Auburn Tigers. You can read about his success here.  
You don't have to be Nick Saban or Bill Belichick to know that something has gone horribly wrong for this football team. A first-time head coach, a first-time athletic director, and an inexperienced president are not the recipe that most Idahoans have seen when experiencing the winnings of Dirk Koetter, Dan Hawkins, Chris Petersen, and Bryan Harsin.  


Let's not forget the coaching staff is inexperienced at the FBS level. The local media marveled at how there was only one person over forty. No one thought to question the hiring decisions of a first-time head football coach?  Remember the preseason reports of how the new offense was unstoppable?  

As we've reported in the past, there was always a Gene Bleymaier or a Bob Kustra to guide the ship. Where is the great former Bronco involved with this coaching staff that is clearly in over its head?
Coach Avalos alluded to something during his post-game press conference concerning players being late to meetings. When Jay Tust of KTVB asked for a follow-up, Avalos replied, 'we're moving on.' What does that mean, coach? Have you allowed your players to come in late to meetings? I believe the head football coach of Boise State is one of the highest-paid positions in the state? Why not answer the question?  

If players are allowed to come to meetings late, are fans surprised that in one of the most crucial plays of the game, Boise State has only ten players on the field? Can you see that happening under Petersen or Harsin? It's time for Boise State to make some tough decisions concerning its future, stay the course, or make some changes.

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