There are a lot of colleges in the United States, but of those-- just 129 are in Division I, the largest of any NCAA division. If you think about it, that makes for a LOT of games each year-- with most teams reaching a minimum of 12 games per year-- there's a lot of college football to go around. Have you ever thought about how many college football games have happened....EVER? I'm a fanatic and if you're like me, odds are, no, you haven't. We're talking about all the way back to the leather helmet days.  If you were to add them all up, it would make for thousands of college football games that have gone on over the years-- who's keeping track of which of these games was the greatest, ever? Well, ESPN is.

To many Boise State football fans, only in the last decade or so has Boise State been as dominant as they are now. The pinnacle of the entire program, despite all other success however, has consistently been the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.  I had a cousin on the team that season and I was luck enough to be at that iconic game-- I'll never forget the energy in the stadium and even back home in the Treasure Valley...Boise State was (finally) playing on that stage, under the massive lights! Of course, I don't need to tell you how this game ended up...we see the highlights both locally and nationally all of the time-- but the entire nation watched as Boise State defeated national powerhouse, the University of Oklahoma.

The game of course has gone down as some of the greatest trick play execution in modern history. ESPN, on the other hand, has recently named this football game one of the greatest...EVER. The game is surrounded by history-- one of them a Notre Dame victory in 1924! Out of 150 great games ranked, Boise State's Fiesta Bowl comes in at #19.

See the entire list, HERE.


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