Boise State football players have been working since last spring to make it as far as they have this 2017 season. They won the Mountain West Conference Championship, they battled back from what was a rough start to an amazing season, and now they're bowl bound to take on the University of Oregon in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Just when you thought making it to a bowl game was enough, the list of gifts that players will be receiving from the bowl game has been released. Yes, gifts.

NCAA regulations allow bowl games to give players gift packages, typically from sponsors of the game, valued up to $550. Boise State players will be receiving Oakley backpacks, hats, team-branded socks and beanies, and their choice of gift from the "gift suite".

The gift suite, since none of us non-football players will ever get to experience one, is a room in which the players can choose various gifts that they want up to their price limit, for free.

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