It was a great day for Boise State football fans, players, and alumni alike as the Boise State Broncos took down Hawaii with authority on the blue. The game wasn't even a contest and it was a great feeling checking my phone yesterday afternoon to see the score and feeling confident that no, I don't need to check this again...we've got a win here in Boise.

It is crazy to think about everything that happened over this season as we look forward to the bowl game in Las Vegas. For the first time in several decades, Boise State started a grand total of three quarterbacks from start to finish of the season. While for many teams, going through Quarterbacks like this would be a stressful process, it was fascinating to watch just how deep Boise State's depth really was, as third string Jaylon Henderson ended up finishing the season as the first string guy.

Just announced this afternoon, Boise State will be taking on the University of Washington in the Las Vegas Bowl later the month. But what does all of this mean for where the Broncos stand in the nation?

With the last of the pre-bowl game rankings out for this year, Boise State got absolutely NO movement in the AP Poll, where the 12-1 Broncos finished up at #19 and moved up only one spot in the Coaches Poll to #18.

To see the complete rankings for yourself, click HERE.

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