There's been a lot of talks, especially on social media about a recent incident at the Boise restaurant 'Bacon' and what went down when a group of five men, including Idaho Rep. Chad Christensen who sat down to eat with their open guns out for everyone to see.

I guess the quick version is that once the owner of 'Bacon' (Chef John Berryhill) saw these men he confronted them and they weren't happy with what he said and he hasn't been happy with how they've blown up what he says was a normal conversation into a huge political debate on social media.

Thousands of people have been LIKING, SHARING, & COMMENTING on their side of this debate.  Berryhill is so frustrated with the backlash he's now saying he may just ban open carry from his restaurant.  Here's his statement to the Idaho Statesman...

The whole social media thing is just huge.  There were thousands and thousands and thousands of comments from Twitter to Instagram to Facebook.

Business has been brisk as usual at Bacon.  I'm not anti-gun, but I am considering putting up a sign to let customers know that I do not want open carry in my restaurant.

People have been carrying concealed weapons here for a long time, and it doesn’t bother us because you don’t know.  Several of my have recently told me they conceal carry.

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