It's a big election right here in Boise-- who's going to be our next mayor? While the national debates and politics continue (and seemingly never stop being noisy), it's important that we here in the Treasure Valley remember that coming up, we have the chance to help steer the future of where we live-- a difference that can be immediately felt and may directly affect us. Current Mayor, Dave Bieter, will be addressing the city not to campaign this week, but to share with us the state of our city.

How is it doing? What are we seeing? Where have we grown for the better? Where are we headed? In a city like Boise where we LOVE this place so much, this are all important questions that need answered!

This annual address will be happening downtown Boise, right across the street from City Hall at the historic Egyptian Theatre on Wednesday (September 18th, 2019), at 4:00 p.m.

The event will be filled to capacity, however if you're hoping to follow along, you can do so from the City of Boise's website. There, you'll find a live stream.

The speech, in my opinion, is going to be a great chance to take a look at how things are going and hear Mayor and incumbent candidate Dave Bieter share his successes and vision for this place that we call home.

Cheers to being informed, Boise!

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