Need a job? You can find one pretty easily in the Treasure Valley. In fact, Boise's unemployment rate recovery is the 6th best in the nation.

Let's face it, March and April 2020 were pretty chaotic. People were losing their jobs left and right, moving back in with parents, many were unable to pay rent, it was insane... At one point, I got a certificate to carry with me that said my job was "essential" in case I was pulled over by the police and asked where I was going. It was pretty crazy. Yeah, a lot of people continued working but from home and many were out of work altogether. Fast forward a year and a half and people are hiring left and right! Denny's in Meridian, Del Taco in Meridian AND Boise, Macy's at the Boise Townsquare mall, these are just a few I've seen out and about with signs saying they're hiring immediately.

Jobs are certainly available and people are going back to work! In fact, according to a new study, Boise has the sixth highest unemployment recovery in the entire United States. Jobs are back, baby! In fact, Boise's unemployment rate is just 2.4% as of August, 2021. Now, there are some parts of the country that aren't coming back as quickly, one city in particular, is a very bright and shiny light at the bottom of the list. A city that goes by the name of New York, where they have an unemployment rate of 9.8%. All that to say, we're pretty lucky here right now and if you want to work, you probably can!

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