With the recent snowy weather, I’ve unfortunately seen way more people stranded on the side of the road. Most of the time, they've got issues with their tires. Thankfully, we live in Idaho where there are a lot of people willing to pull over and lend a helping hand.

A lot of the people I’ve seen on the side of the road have had trucks pull over to help them fix the problem, provide some kind of assistance, or even tow their vehicle away for them.

But then it hit me, do we know how to change our own tires, or are we fully reliant on someone else or a service of some kind?

Idaho is known for having a lot of the dedicated, hard-working, and do-it-yourself kind of people ...

So how are we when it comes to changing our own tires?

I took to Facebook and asked you what you think. Here are your responses.

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