Bars and schools typically aren't a part of the same conversation...but today, they are. Those wanting to get back out into some debauchery on Saturday nights in downtown Boise are now learning that is a the same time local second grade students get to find out they're back in the classroom. You're a real trip, 2020.

Last week, we shared with you that a petition to re-open bars submitted to Central District Health was NOT approved by Central District Health's Board of Health. However, an agreement was made that once schools were back in the "Yellow" zone, bars could submit plans to CDH for approval to re-open.

Hello, Yellow.

This afternoon, Central District Health made it official: schools in Ada County are now in the YELLOW zone.

For schools, this now means that Boise School District, West Ada School District, and Kuna School District are in a position to bring back some in-person learning. A lot of parents and students alike are excited about this. In general, just seeing the progress should be exciting for all of us.

For bars, it's now time to draft up the plans to be responsible and get those cleared for approval to re-open. Just this past weekend, several bars opened up while serving food and the crowds weren't TOO crazy. We're all wondering, though-- will this cause another spike in the numbers? For the health, sanity, and economic sakes of our city, we sure hope not.

As things develop, we'll continue to keep you posted.

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