It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Just kidding, no it isn't, but that picture up above is a rude reminder that yes, it's on the way...eventually. As we reported just a few weeks ago, this winter is already being predicted as potentially very brutal. You can read more about those long-term forecast predictions, HERE.

As we look forward to whatever kind of a winter we will have--just the thought of snow cools me off during this hot summer day. A little ice on the roads is inevitable and that means our safety is in jeopardy. Who steps up? The Ada County Highway District.

It has been announced that instead of dropping that bright blue salt to treat icy roads, with a regular, white salt.

So what's the deal with the blue salt? Believe it or not, it's only colored blue so that both crews and the public would be able to tell which roads had been treated. While the dye was well intentioned, it was doing nothing good for the environment.

Since 2015, ACHD has used this blue dyed salt and it has recently come to their attention that two components in this dye can harm waterways. Plain, white salt will be used however some with the blue dye remains in stock. You may see this stuff around town until they're out of it, but you won't see it near the Boise River or in the Foothills out of an abundance of caution.

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