April is child abuse prevention month and there's nothing we won't do to help victims and survivors of abuse. I've stayed up for 8 days without sleep on year and took on 7 marathons in 7 days. This was my life before meeting my amazing wife and lucky enough to be raising two unbelievable little ones in our life.

I was fortunate enough to see some familiar faces, new twists on this event and some change mixed in. We have an entirely different management structure now and most of them don't know anything about Cycle to Break the Cycle. That's okay. I also realized that thousands are moving into the Treasure Valley by the month and it's time we reintroduced what we do all over again.

The Cycle on a bike represents the pattern of abuse that repeats when not stopped. You could have been abused when you were 5 years old, fell into an abusive relationship in high school through college. You then stayed in that toxic relationship but now it's marriage. The next thing you know you're letting him abuse them - your kids. That is the vicious cycle. This week we aim to break that cycle and help free some people through our message, "It shouldn't hurt to be a child."

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

We cycled with the Sheriff's office, Mayor Tammy of Meridian, Miss Idaho, some amazing mommy warriors, teachers from Boise High that included their students, my good friends that don't let special needs hold them back, and survivors that cycled for the ones who aren't quite ready yet.

Cycle to Break the Cycle is running for 24 hours a day till 7 P.M. on Easter Sunday. Come out and ride. Download the new Kiss app to sign-up 🚲Here's a look out the second gallery of the day.


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