It feels like the coronavirus pandemic has overshadowed something that was such a big story right here in the Treasure Valley just two months ago.

The two missing Rexburg kids have not been seen since last fall, and the story surrounding their disappearance has gotten national attention. Their mom hasn't really cooperated with police, or seemed to care too much that they were missing.

She got married, went to Hawaii with her new husband on an extended vacation, and finally was arrested there a couple months ago and brought back to Idaho in custody.

In February, Dateline featured the story and all of the questions that surround it. Now the kids are still missing, the mom is being held in jail, and no one really has any answers still.

Where are these kids? Why isn't she cooperating? Dateline will hopefully give us some more insight into some of those questions tonight on a part two of the missing kids.

Dateline will air tonight at 8pm on NBC/ channel 7. I'll be watching!


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