I can't just buy a random journal. I have to buy a journal that perfectly suits me (I'm obsessed with black and white stripes) but I also have to set the mood. It's all about fall for me. Now to get serious about it, though.

It's time to crack open this journal. The instructions for #BetterMeIn30 is to actually write in the journal. My plan is to write on the pages and then share what it says, here. In my head, that's the only way I'll stick with it.

Why is it that when it comes to doing something for ourselves, the level of priority decreases? I know I need to journal and I know it will be great for me but I put other things in front of actually grabbing a pen and writing.

Hobby Lobby came through in a clutch moment as I ran in for a gift and remembered my task for day 2. If I let myself slack just one day, I won't continue with this 30 day challenge. It's like a diet. I really suck at diets. I'm not going to suck at this.

Okay, opening the journal. Now.

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