Let me be clear, I loathe booking flights from Boise to anywhere because they are always expensive. And I've flown a lot in the last year. At no point have I felt like I've gotten a deal on a flight. But the Boise Airport itself is a delight.

I was on five planes in five days recently; Boise Airport, Midway Airport (Chicago), Denver Airport, McCarran Airport (Las Vegas). As someone who is directionally challenged and perpetually late, I'm looking for a smaller airport where it's easy to get through security and even easier to find the gate for my flight. Of those airports, Boise is conducive to these crap qualities of mine.

Even when the notification on my phone tells me that the airport is really busy, I know I can still arrive to the airport 45 minutes before the flight and I'll be just fine. Sure, I don't do that intentionally, but the aforementioned lateness is my life. I even got two kids through the airport and to our gate in time for my 4 year old to be annoyed at how much time we had left before we could board.

And this applies to any time of day. Morning? Easy. Midday? Easy. Evening? Easy. Late night? Easy. This includes driving into the airport, which is specifically tricky in Las Vegas. Too many signs for too many terminals. It's the worst. It gives me anxiety to drive there. But I can drive to the Boise Airport basically on autopilot. Important to mention that I have poor vision and failed my driving test 5 times before procuring my license.

I'll be heading to the Boise Airport for another adventure this weekend, and at this point it's almost comforting. So, yeah, I'm a weirdo who loves an airport.

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