Class of 2020 what up! I'm sorry for what your class has gone through this year leading up to graduation. I don't think anyone could have predicted the path this year would have gone. I felt terrible but then became so impressed with how the country stood up for you.

I feel like every few days there is another graduation themed event hosted by stars like former President Barack Obama, Drake, Taylor Swift and the list goes on. I mean you don't even have to leave your house and people are rolling by honking with signs. That's your life in 2020.

Seriously, congratulations. This is what you've been working for all your life. Think about that. Every experience you've encountered in the school system has been for this one moment. Right now. Today. I love all of you and couldn't be more proud. You need to hear that again, "I AM PROUD OF YOU."

More importantly, I wanted to share this based upon my life experience. It's okay if you don't have any clue what you wanna be or the direction to go. Don't freak out because everyone else is already selecting a college and you don't even know how to get it paid much less get accepted. It's okay. There's no rush.

I tried college immediately out of high school and the only thing I remember is the radio station they had on campus. I failed because I barely went, but I made it to every radio show. I worked at skating rinks learning life, Olive Garden, and Red Lobster. I did that till I was 19 years old and that's when I joined the United States Navy. I loved every minute of it and I also learned about life. I never looked back. I found my love in photography, journalism, and radio. I did that all while enlisted in the Navy. I took control and went after what I dreamed about.

You graduate this year and life must have you wondering what's next. I'm here to tell you that you determine, "what's next." When you're younger you seem to have no regrets and very little to pay for. I was reckless in the Navy for pushing my way to the top no matter what anyone thought. What does your future look like? Ask yourself that question.

There is nothing more powerful than what's inside your mind. People loved to make fun of me because of my creative thoughts. A lot of times people just don't understand me and therefore they take shots at me. That's okay. I'm the one that has to follow my dreams and as long as I understand what I'm fighting for, that's all that matters.

I watch silly movies like The Pursuit of Happyness because it validates my belief that I'm in control of my destiny. I love Will Smith first of all but his message is great and this is a true story. Don't EVER let someone tell you that YOU can't accomplish something. A very powerful scene for me.

Congratulations and take time to figure out your next moves. This is your time. Be disciplined about what you want and go take it!

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