Winter graduates at Boise State will get their diplomas on December 18th at two different ceremonies, and as long as the COVID situation cooperates, the plan is to have both ceremonies in person.

College graduation is a milestone moment, and when I graduated from the University of Nebraska back in the day, I remember feeling excited to be at the ceremony, hopeful and scared out of my wits to start my first full-time radio job the following Monday, and wanting to soak up every single moment of the ceremony.  It was my college graduation and it was only going to roll around once in my lifetime.  BUT, the family members that attended were bored to tears as 1500 names were read and 1500 people walked across the stage one by one to shake hands with the dean.  They were supportive, but they weren't quite feeling it as much as I was.  My sister just wanted to get to Applebee's.

College graduation is a big deal.  In the graduating class, there are those that went to college straight out of high school, single parents, and master's and doctorate degree earners, and other amazingly dedicated people.  And, everyone making up the December 2021 class at Boise State dealt with the COVID situation last year and that was no small feat.

Boise State is planning two winter commencement ceremonies on Saturday, December 18th in person with COVID precautions in place.  If they need to make any changes as the ceremonies get closer, they'll post the info HERE.

Boise State's Winter Commencement Plan

10 a.m. for graduates of the College of Business and Economics, College of Health Sciences, and College of Innovation and Design

5 p.m. for graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Education, and School of Public Service

Boise State says, "Graduates will have the option to request up to six guest tickets for the ceremony they are participating in, while the ticketing process may be similar to last spring’s ceremonies. Both ceremonies will stream live online for off-campus guests who cannot be in attendance."

And then the celebration at Applebee's will be on.  Congrats, grads!

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