Being in your twenties is hard. 

Like, really hard, and people truly don’t talk about it enough.




Our society glorifies being in your twenties – when you’re young, skinny and beautiful.

They tell you, the world is your oyster. 

So go out there, and be as bold and daring as you wish.


But the simple truth is, the world will chew you up, spit you out and break your heart about a million times from here to Sunday.

Our twenties are some of the most infuriating, depressing and downright terrifying years of our lives:

  • We’re broke. 
  • We’re still learning and growing as people.
  • We’re figuring out who we even are, what we like, what we believe and what we want.
  • Our brains haven’t even fully developed yet, for goodness’ sake.

But we’re supposed to be out there, paying bills and acting like adults, when we can barely even take care of ourselves?


This sh*t is scary, y’all. 

So, with High School and College graduations looming right around the corner in Idaho, it got us thinking: 

How can we help these young adults who are about to embark on such an exciting and terrifying time in their lives?

What advice could we give?


So, we asked many of our friends this exact same question – 

What is one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self, if you could?

What is one thing that would have made your twenties just a little bit easier, and helped to lighten your load?


Well, as you can imagine, the answers were brilliant.

They were honest, raw, intimate, hilarious and as real as it gets.

So, whether you're about to graduate or not, take whatever pieces of advice you need.

But make sure to buckle up...

It’s going to be a wild, fun and bumpy ride.

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