You might have been called a ginger, carrot top, fiery redhead, rusty, freckles, lobster, cherry, the list goes on. I have brown hair and was always jealous of the blonde kid with blue eyes in class. My wife just checked me on my blog and reminded me that being a redhead comes with a negative stereotype sometimes - she told me to be careful.

Redheads have NOTHING to be ashamed and for what reason would you? The color of our skin and the different shades of our hair is who we are.

I'm not sure when things changed but it feels like maybe five years ago the ginger attitude took it up a notch. Ed Sheeran might just be the most popular redhead in the world next to Prince Harry of course. Wait, is he still a Prince? Christina Hendricks from Mad Men is right up there and is drop-dead gorgeous. Add my sister's family where red runs deep and my cousin - redheads are fierce!

Ed Sheeran Performs In Perth
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I just came across the Gingerfestival and had to share this with all my Gingers in the Treasure Valley.

Redheads group up together and meet at the Old Idaho Penitentiary, Friday, June 8 for Gingerfest. Yes, this is a thing and they celebrate the fifth year this Summer. What is Gingerfest? it's exactly what it sounds like, a celebration of redheads!

Go enjoy an evening with redheads from all over the Treasure to show off your red hair or kick it with more Gingers having fun at the Penitentiary. This is a family event with the following activities;

  • 99 Red Balloons
  • Bowling for Inmates
  • Cherry Pit Spit
  • Pin the Red on the Inmate
  • Rockin' Robin and more.
  • Strawberry Shortcake Walk

This is a weekend kickoff with more than just games, but food and fun. There will also be live music from Red Light Challenge including food trucks by Foxy Franks and Genki Takoyaki with Mad Swede on the beer and wine.

You can win prizes for best Ginger that includes kids and adults. This is a family event. If you go please tag me on Instagram @kekeluv @kissboise

  • Gingerfest
  • Idaho Old Penitentiary
  • Friday, June 8, 2018
  • 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

More details at BrownPaper.

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