Dreaming of a white Christmas in the Treasure Valley? You may want to start looking up scenes of snow falling softly on the ground outside a scenic window.

Last year I remember showing my family photos of the snow in Boise and how everyone was freaking out about it on Christmas Day.  I was in my hometown in Northeast Ohio, so they thought it was hilarious.  I grew up just under the Great Lakes "snow belt," which meant the words lake effect snow were a regular part of our weather man's vocabulary.  Two feet of snow fell over night while you were sleeping? You might as well get up and start getting ready for school.  You're only getting a two hour delayed start. Driving in the snow and shoveling driveways was just something we did there.

But here in the Treasure Valley? Not so much! I didn't realize until I caught the weather on Channel 2 that snow on Christmas Day in the Treasure Valley is actually kind of rare.  Last year there were nine inches of snow on the ground on Christmas Day (not all of it fell on December 25th.) There hadn't been that much on the ground in over  30 years.

So with a similar La Nina weather pattern predicted for the Treasure Valley this winter, what are our chances of a white Christmas? Not so great.  Two weeks out, Channel 2 says we're looking at a 28% chance of snow on the ground and just a 14% of flakes flying on Christmas Day.

...then again we all know this is Idaho and if you give the weather five minutes, it'll totally change whatever it was doing.

But, if you're super bummed about the low chance of snow, you can always pop one of these up on your smart TV.  That's what I've been doing to make the studio feel cozier every morning!

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