A highly disturbing trend has been brought to my attention. While surfing on youtube, my wife found an assortment of videos about DUMPSTER DIVING for free beauty products at high-end cosmetic stores such as Ulta and Sephora. There were even full videos on "how to" successfully dumpster dive at these places. Apparently, these stores often take returned items and throw them straight in the trash. I'm talking barely used perfumes, shampoo, eyeshadow palettes... whatever it is people buy at places like Ulta. Imagine pulling up to a dumpster and finding all of your favorite high-end beauty brands inside... yours for the taking. Would you do it? Now if your answer is yes- before you drive to any of these stores here in Boise- I want to point out this is not only DISGUSTING (think of all the things that have been in that dumpster!?) but in many cases, if caught, can be grounds for trespassing. I would NOT recommend doing this, for health, safety, and legality reasons. From the looks of it this trend is nothing new, and these stores have actually begun to completely destroy returns before throwing them out. Some store managers have also warned employees to notify authorities if they notice people lingering near their dumpsters.
I get it, who doesn't want something for free. But when it comes to items of personal hygiene... would you use a lipstick or lotion you pulled out of a dumpster?
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