With great power, comes great responsibility and that's why I feel like passing this link along is a force for good.

Not familiar with AshleyMadison.com?  Think of it as the Match.com for pond scum.  It’s mission statement promises discreet encounters for married people.  Their motto?  Life is short, have an affair.  Karma has totally bit these people in the butt because a hacker group called The Impact Team made good on their promise to release the real names, credit card numbers and secret sexual fantasy info of 36 million users they acquired in a hack a few months ago.

So what have we learned so far? Well, 19 Kids And Counting star Josh Duggar fast tracked his fall from grace by admitting to the fact that he had several AshleyMadison.com accounts, an internet porn addiction and was unfaithful to wife and mother of his four children, Anna.  And four @idaho.gov e-mail addresses were also part of the hack.

But let's be honest...none of that affects YOU, right?  You just want to know if your husband, fiance or boyfriend used this affair website.  If you are ready for the truth.  If you can handle the truth, I found a searchable version of the database.  Simply click the button below, enter your man's email address and it will tell you weather if was compromised in the hack.  I hope you get good news!

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