Since it looks like the river won't be open until at least August (if at all) I'm thinking it's time to really get into a new hobby: Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP!)  It's super fun and a surprisingly awesome workout!

I originally tried Stand Up Paddleboarding a few years ago when my guy and I and I went to The Harbour's Sunday Funday party to watch our Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Golden State Warriors. It was so hot that day that halftime necessitated a trip to the water to try something I've wanted to do since I saw them during my triathlon at Quinn's Pond - Stand Up Paddleboarding!  Hydrus Board Tech had them out there to try for free, so I figured why not?

I was a little wobbly getting up at first and since I'm the most uncoordinated person in the world, steering was a challenge but once I got moving I had a blast!  I'd gone for a four mile run that morning so the last thing I was expecting was to get in another workout, but I SUPping is actually a great workout disguised as fun on the water.  In fact experts say these are some great benefits of SUPping!

  • 1

    Improved Balance

    Being able to stand up on these boards means channeling some serious core stability and leg strength.  Working those muscle groups helps you have good balance on the water and helps increase your focus and balance in day-to-day activities!

  • 2

    Full Body Workout

    If there were any muscles I didn't use while paddling down to the other end of the lake, I'm shocked.  I could feel the burn in my core, my legs and my arms as I paddled.  I was sure glad that I've been doing some extra strength training for my shoulders and back lately.

  • 3

    Reduces Stress

    Sunday Funday usually reduces stress all on it's own, but experts say water naturally soothes your body and we've all heard thousands of times that exercise is a great physical outlet when you're stressed.  Pairing those two together with the rhythm of the stroke of paddling helps melt stress away.

  • 4

    Low Impact

    I'm a runner but I'll admit my day to day workouts are rough on my legs because I'm constantly pounding the pavement.  SUPping is extremely low impact so it's protecting your tendons and ligaments in your joints.  No shin splints, knee injuries or hip pain here!

  • 5

    Cardio Booster

    Get a couple friends to join you on the water and challenge them to a friendly race! Spending sometime doing extremely paddling will get your heart rate pumping.

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