Who wants to have some drinks after St. Patrick's Day! Nurse your hangover, grab your dogs, and roll out to this awesome food truck rally for some great animals. Hurray because it's happy today ONLY.

Dogs Get Into Festive Spirit For Best Dressed Competition
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Food Truck Rally for the Dogs (sorry kitty-kitty, Michelle Heart, and Mateo.)

Let me start by announcing our Mutt Madness Bracket that is almost ready for tip-off. It's our annual doggy brackets and we've teamed up with Emerald Street Kennels to assist in some massive prizes. First, you DON'T have to be a "Mutt." You can submit any dog and it's free. I'll list the link here CLICK FOR MUTT MADNESS DETAILS.

Let's get to the food! I'll humiliate myself with extreme honesty when I tell you this had me confused up until writing this. I thought is was a food truck rally set-up for dogs. I'm an idiot. I guess I was just better with picture books growing up. This is a food truck rally to BENEFIT the dogs and construction of a second dog park in Nampa. The one thing you'll learn about the Treasure Valley if you move here is we're all about our pets. That's just a great thing for a community to get out and support each other including our furry friends.

The food truck rally is being put on by Nampa Park Dog Committee. I'm being told that there will be some green beer if you missed your St. Patrick's Day party! You can get some great food, beer, live music, and great atmosphere for the family on a Saturday afternoon.

Food Truck Rally

  • Lloyd Square Park – Downtown Nampa.
  • Rally is from 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Dog are allowed.


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