Check your bank statements! We all should do this normally anyway, right? Now you really want to, because four credit card skimmers have been found across Boise at local banks and ATMs.

For reasons below, police did not release which ATMs exactly the skimmers were found at, so if you've used any ATM, just check your statement to be safe.

"The financial institutions are technically victims as well, so we will not be naming them," Haley Williams, a spokesperson with Boise Police, said.

She also said the banks where the skimmers were found will be reaching out to their customers about it. So if your bank calls, answer. 

So how exactly do these credit card skimmers work? They pull the banking information from a debit or credit card from the magnetic strip of the card when someone inserts their card into an ATM or gas pump. Then when you enter your PIN, the skimmer gives criminals everything they need to access your money.

We've all heard about this happening at gas pumps, but thieves are now putting them in ATMs where you'd least expect it.

So how do you protect yourself fro this? There's really no way, except for being cautious and looking for anything out of place like loose wires, suspicious activity around the pumps or ATM, or damage to the card reader itself. If you're in doubt, leave and use a different one.

And if you see any "suspicious activity" around an ATM, gas pump, or anywhere in general,  call 911 immediately.

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