Do you remember this guy? Jeremy Meeks mugshot went viral with the immediate nickname, Prison Bae. Well, he's not in prison anymore. Take a look at where the sexy convict landed a gig.

Jeremy Meeks Booking Photo
Getty Images

We try to keep things local when writing stories, but we all talked about it right? I remember all the girls in the office giggling about this "bad boy." I'm gonna take and make this a local wtf with a splash of awwwwww moment. You couldn't have drawn this one up better than it turned out. Jeremy Meeks was convicted of charges from grand theft to gang-related incidents and sentenced to almost 3 years in prison. That being said, dude got a sweet gig working the runway. Meeks literally traded in his loaded .45 for a fuzzy hoodie on the runway.

I want to get this straight that I'm not condoning anything this guy has done and if it was abuse related - I wouldn't touch it.

I just came across one of those posting on the sidebar and clicked to find out prison bae converted to runway babe!

Let's fast forward to 2017 and will we see him back in prison? You know those shows where they say, where are they now? I'll give you a one-word hint, BALLIN! Jeremy Meeks has signed to two Hollywood agents, modeling contracts racking upwards to $100,000 per month, and that's not including the television contracts pending.

Prison Babe is looking to cash in on his career behind bars and I would just like to know which officer took the photo. Shouldn't that person be getting a cut? Stockton Police Department reports that this overnight social celebrity convict received over 100,000 likes, 12,800 shares, and 27,000 comments.

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