The great tipping debate. We've all heard someone sound off about why they refuse to tip servers or baristas. Some say the standard of a 20% tip is too high. Others say they base the tip on the service. This is surely to spark a whole new debate.. should we tip flight attendants when they serve refreshments?!

It was recently discovered that Frontier Airlines, a budget US airline, prompts you to tip when paying for your beverages. It gives you a few options: 15%, 20%, 25%, custom or "I prefer not to leave a gratuity". People have mixed emotions.

Flight attendants aren't your typical service industry job where you expect to tip. But they are serving you.. so where do we make the differentiation?

A Frontier spokesperson said: "Currently tips are shared amongst all members of the flight attendant crew on a given flight." The company said it is keeping no proceeds from gratuities. Sooo.. what do you think?!

If you were on a Frontier flight, would you leave a tip?

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