Help Juan - FB #1

Gyro Shack Employees go on a mission to raise money for Leukemia diagnosed employee. This team is also willing to shave their heads once they hit a certain goal in support. Pretty awesome right?

There is a part of a Macklemore song that never leaves me and it's so true. I listened to "Growing Up" when my wife had our son Lennox. You have to go back and listen because it's his message to his unborn child. I love this part,

"Listen to Sam Cooke, a change gon' come
You put the work in, don't worry about the praise, my love
Don't try to change the world, find something that you love
And do it every day
Do that for the rest of your life
And eventually, the world will change"

The team at Gyro Shack is doing exactly that.

Kassi Biggs, social media manager said, "We're a family at Gyro Shack. We work together at work like friends and hang out with like family. This was something we WANTED to do for our friend Juan."

Juan Reyes is fighting for his life with an aggressive form of Leukemia. Juan has been a cook for Gyro Shack for about 8 years and has several family members who also work there. Juan's brother, Victor, is the one who actually started the idea of shaving his head for money. Everyone at Gyro Shack joined in after totally 12 employees.

If the guys raise $3000 all 8 of them will shave their heads. 2 of the girls will shave theirs for $5000 and another will cut off 12 inches.

Gyro Shack will match penny for penny everything until the end of November and will continue to raise funds until December 31. All money received will go directly to Juan and his family.

Kassi went on to say, "Several of our staffers are donating vacation time to Juan as he goes through a very rigorous 3 per week chemotherapy cycle. That will last for approximately 8 months. You can help by donating money at any one of our locations and if you wish to donate directly, call 208.853.5840."

It's always great to see people that actually enjoy their jobs and the people they work with. This is all about their family, friend, and co-worker. This is about neighbors making sure they do whatever it takes to help out a family. That's reasoning enough for me to start eating at Gyro Shack.

Major props to everyone at Gyro Shack and Kassi who is assisting in getting the word out.

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  • The Gyro Shack - 1050 E Fairview Ave in Meridian

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