I titled this blog Hamburger Happenings because there seems to be all these stories in the news surrounding burger joints . Some serious, some dangerous and some plain silly. A few days ago Kat wrote a blog about how McDonalds was now going to sell fried chicken, next thing you know ktvb reports the following...

Emergency responders are on scene after a vehicle struck the side of a McDonald's in Boise, crashing through the wall of the restaurant.

The wreck happened at 11:18 a.m. on Fairview Avenue and Mitchell Street. The McDonald's shares the space with a Chevron gas station.

According to Ada County Dispatch, neither the people in the car nor anyone inside the restaurant or gas station was hurt.

Is it just a coincidence or did someone get so excited about fried chicken at McDonalds that they drove their car INTO the actual McDonalds? I'm just saying... NO one is going to admit to that and in fact according to the report on ktvb there was no explanation given as to why the driver decided to park his car inside the restaurant.

In other hamburger happenings we have a tragedy. Burger down! Smashburger on State is no longer. Apparently 3 years was enough for the owner to call it quits. The good news is that three other locations remain in the Treasure Valley. That's it for this episode of Hamburger Happenings... Till next time... Grill'em if you got'em.

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