Who is the most popular person that you think contributed the most to life? Think of everything you know and utilize in your daily routine. Who is the person that has made the largest impact on your life?

Most would say a parent, friend or mentor right? My first boss was a major contributor next to parents and family. What about Walt Disney? Thursday, December 5 is his birthday. Ever think what Disney has meant to each of us?

It's fair to say Steve Jobs pioneered the way we consume our data from our fingertips. Steve said he could put 1000 songs in your pocket and we bit. Think about how we use our media, phones and how that dude changed the game.

What has Disney given us? Think. Walt Disney introduced most of us to Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, Bambi, Cinderella, Mary Poppins, and Snow White. Walt gave us a world to get lost in and a place to see our dreams come to life in Disneyland. This amusement park is not cheap but has become a place where people of all ages can go get lost in the Happiest Place in the World.

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Welcome Everyone To Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
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Disney has been called the trailblazer in merchandising. Walt Disney understood the power of selling brands before the word "brand" became a pop-cultural term a few years ago. You can't watch an interview with an athlete without them referring tor their brand. We all have brands and he understood the power of putting his brands in your hands.

Walt Disney's attractions set the stage for theme parks across the world. You want the best of the best - Disney introduced it to you first. Animation? Can you say animation without naming a Disney film?

Do you know a Jasmine or Ariel? I was just talking to a group of co-workers and it's interesting how Disney is something different to each of us. Our digital director mentioned that Disney helped introduce morals with characters. He went on to say everyone wanted to be Alladin, get the wishes, the girl and learn from our mistakes.

Courtesy of Disney
Courtesy of Disney

Walt Disney passed away when he was only 65 years old. Think about our life without Disney and what it would look like? You wanna know how valuable someone is to you? Think about your life without them. If Walt Disney had never been born what would life look like today without those cartoons?

Disney+ just launched and like a hurricane has come into homes overnight. The most talked-about Star Wars attraction just opened called, The Ride of the Resistance opens at Walt Disney World Resort's Hollywood Studios today and baby Yodas are all the buzz online.

Happy Birthday Walt Disney and thank you for everything.

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