At the back of Pete's Tavern in Nampa, there's a room called "the cave". That's where voices have been heard and ghost encounters have happened. 

Pete's Tavern is in Old Town Nampa on 12th Ave just north of 2nd. If you head to the very back of the tavern, you'll see the "cave". It's the area of the bar that was used during the Prohibition days as a speakeasy. There's still a thick, wooden door with a metal sliding peep-hole that was used to see who was at the door before letting them in. That time period seemed so scandalous. I love it.

If you head to the "cave", that's where you'll experience the unexplained. The room will get very cold and you'll feel a presence around you. It could be the older male who grumbles just one word or it could be the woman with the southern accent who does NOT like her rear end pinched. Yes, this is actually part of the information found at Pete's Tavern. Another woman will whisper words but it's very hard to understand what she's saying. If you're really wanting to speak with someone from the "other side," your best bet is with a man in his 20's or 30's who will talk like crazy. When paranormal investigators have gone into the tavern, this young man is known to be extremely talkative.

Now is a perfect time to see if you can handle the "cave" at Pete's Tavern. Go at night and order a beer. Report back if you felt anything.

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