A few girls in Idaho have already wiped out school lunch debt in their district. That wasn't enough because they saw the power of people helping and now want to wipe it out for the state of Idaho. Amiah is looking for your help!

This is when food insecurity is extremely high and especially during the holiday season. It's not a kids fault that they can't afford meals at school. We are their providers in life and not all of us have it figured out. Let me take that back. Most of us are living paycheck to paycheck and that means paying school lunch tabs might slip to the back. Keeping the lights on and food at home is the priority. That's where Amiah comes in.

Amiah Van Hill is only 6 years old and attends Hayden Meadows Elementary in Hayden, Idaho. She originally started LEMONADE 4 LUNCH to help pay down her classmate's lunch debt. That was only $40 and she accomplished that in a day. Amiah kept squeezing away and cleared out the debt for all the kids in the Coeur d'Alene School District. Wanna know how much this little genius raised? $23,000!

Amiah has a 4-year-old sister and partner, Aria. The two little givers are planning to wipe out school lunch debt in the entire state of Idaho. Can they do this? YES! Kids are resilient and with our help, they can accomplish anything. Do your own research on them, but I'm a believer.

Visit their Gofundme paid as they try to raise $100,000.

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