I've been so impressed with the outpouring of love towards our first responders. I know you see it everywhere especially during the COVID-19 tragedies but is there such a thing as too much love?

It's official today for all the nurses in the country to be recognized for being nurses. I feel like so many people just looked at them as nurses before this pandemic. It's like anything you go through in life. When someone impacts your life it's usually not till then that you really respect their career field.

I didn't know anything about the medical field until a little over 4 years ago when my son was rushed to the hospital. Lennox had an internal bleed that honestly could have taken our son if we didn't catch it when we did. Those nurses in PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) were such angels to us. My wife and I sleep in those rooms for weeks next to Lennox. There is a laundry list of people to thank but those nurses ❤️

I think of the medical teams that worked together to make sure our Lennox was in the right place. I watched Saint Alphonsus direct the paramedics to move him to St. Luke's Children's Hospital in Downtown Boise.

Dad Lennox Concerned BW

You think about those experiences and how these men and women professionally took care of your family. In my experience, we were always treated with a smile and comfort. Imagine laying by your son's side not comprehending what's going to happen and a new nurse walks in to ask you a question you've answered 100 times. A parent's job is to take care of that kid and keep an eye on those medical teams. We can be overprotective in those moments for sure. Those nurses though, take it with a smile and apologize afterward.

I go back to when we lost our dad and still remember that nurse that had to deliver the message. Can you believe that? I remember everything about her and how she was visibly upset to give us the news.

There is no secret why I tend to get emotional when talking about the medical team, first responders, and our front liners. I'm not embarrassed by that one bit. I think it's almost admirable to let your emotions flow because your love is so strong for these heroes.

Happy Nurses Day and we all pray that you go home safe tonight.


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