Step aside Chip and Joanna Gaines, Boise has a renovating couple being featured on HGTV. This month, we'll see some familiar faces and familiar places. Why is it even cooler when we can see our city on TV? It just is. 

The owners of Timber + Love have been offered a chance at the big time. They are already making some major moves in Boise. Their style is different, their approach is different and they are different from each other.



Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell are complete opposites but are both passionate about real estate. They each had their own families and were doing their own thing but came together to create Timber + Love.

Because of their unique style, they were recognized by HGTV. Production companies were reaching out after noticing what Timber + Love was doing in Boise, Idaho.

Thousands of videos are sent to networks every year but what's happening in Boise caught the attention of HGTV and they have commissioned a full one-hour episode featuring the renovation of a home by Timber + Love.

Get ready to see a lot of familiar faces, streets, homes and neighborhoods on Sunday, May 21 when Boise Boys airs on HGTV. Set your DVR for 11:00 a.m.

What happens next? If the network (and the viewers) like what they see, there could be more Boise Boys.


We don't have to travel to see our favorite HGTV stars. They are right here in the Treasure Valley.

Play it cool, Tawsha. This is fine. It's whatever. No big deal, right?


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