My mission of becoming a healthier me has begun. A healthy life, especially around the holidays, is really tough. Instead of giving up, I've taken on the challenge of starting anew. I've also found a creative way to move this body even while Christmas shopping. 

How does one work out when you work almost every hour of the day either at an office or caring for kids? I'll tell you. Magic and a way of making it work wherever you are.

Morning Routine

  • Sitting Chair: Do it while you blow dry your hair or curling/flat ironing your hair. Hold for the entire time you're working on your hair. Tip: Do it before makeup or you'll be all sweaty in your fresh makeup.
  • Counter Push-Ups: Walk your legs out while you're pressing your hands against your bathroom counter. Make sure your body is at an angle and straight. Bust out a couple of push-ups. If you want to challenge yourself a little bit further, stop mid-push-up and pulse. Finish your push-up and go back up stopping halfway and pulse. Repeat.

Holiday Shopping

  • Park far away and walk briskly to the store. You're more likely to find a great parking space this way, too.
  • Flex your butt in line. While you're waiting the 30 minutes to make your way to the register, flex those buttcheeks.
  • Use baskets as weights. Instead of grabbing a cart, grab two baskets at the front of the store and start filling them to weight them evenly. Do some bicep curls while walking through the store.


Do you have any tips?

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