My wife was putting together Legos with our son when I received this devastating CNN alert. What do you say? What can you do? I think your mind takes you all over the place till you actually get facts. We have some of the facts now and it's still in the same place. What do we do now? There is no answer. How scary is that?

I'm not sure if there has ever been a moment in my life where complete control wasn't attainable. We have no way of predicting or really preparing for what's next. There is nobody in our government who can give us a credible option either. What could they do anyway?

  • Gun Control - The most controversial topic that plagues the United States. This is our 2nd amendment right to have guns and as many as we want. We've seen our kids murdered in cold blood while learning in art, employees at work, a female reporter was murdered live on camera during the morning news, a group of Republicans on a softball field was shot at almost dying, and a man walks into a church killing almost 30. I believe the youngest was around 18 months.
  • Mental Health - The growing epidemic as it's more publicized is the destroyer in chief. Mental illness is something we can't see and often don't find out about till it's too late. Mental illness is also something that is hard to fathom. THAT is why it's so dangerous because we can't understand where someone's mental state is. If someone says they have the flu, headache or sea sick you usually can identify with that. Someone tells you they wish they could die? That's just hard understood. (I'm not comparing the flu to mental health so please don't read into it.)
  • Military Action - This was suggested this morning. I think he said, "bring in the Army." That visual would feel like something out of a movie and would you feel safer?

I don't have the answer or this would be resolved. You can't bring back those lives and I can't watch the stories about those families that lost their lives. It's too much. I beg CNN or any news outlet to PLEASE not show any video from this church shooting. Who have we become? Who will my son be?

"Daddy?" my son say's to me, "Daddy. I love you." I just stare at him and say, "I love you too son so very much." This might be cliche' but love is the only thing that is going to get us through all of this. We can only control the things our life within reach. I can help shape our son and make sure he's given all the tools to be a good person. I can only hope and pray that our son turns out to be a model citizen who loves people for what's inside. It's my wish that our son will sit next to the most unpopular kid in school and make him feel cared about. It's my responsibility to educate our son that no matter what people say about you - be true to yourself and your TRUE friends will always be there. Lennox (our son) will be respectful with southern hospitality of the "yes sir and no sir." He will respect and cherish women like the mother's they will become. That is all we can do.

We live in a different world today and it's our responsibility to teach our kids how to deal. We need to preach the #goldenrule and our kids are the best hope we have. Don't lose sight of that one thing you can do even if you suck at everything else. We're all counting on you.

God bless us all.



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