I'm not what you would call a "super fan" of the Batchelor. The only times I have watched the show has been with my wife but this season that all might change because my friend Colton Underwood was just selected as this year Batchelor.

Well, I use the word "friend" loosely (I doubt if he would remember me) but I did have a chance to meet and work with Colton before his Batchelor fame.

It was 2016 in Peoria Illinois, the area where Colton is originally from. He was looking to team up with a radio station to promote his Gala benefiting his Legacy Foundation which is committed to helping and supporting people that suffer from Cystic Fibrosis.

In preparation for the gala, I met Colton half-a-dozen or so times and left impressed each encounter. He was a very well spoken man who genuinely cared about people. I remember, there was a soft vulnerability to the man, a pure generosity of spirit. Because of those meetings, I'm convinced Colton will be an excellent Batchelor.

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