We all knew a price increase for parking in downtown Boise was imminent.

But how much is it really going to cost you in the long run? We crunched the numbers.

On paper, it doesn't sound like the increase is much, but if you do the math over time it can really hit your wallet hard. All of the specific increases and time limitations can be found here. To make it really simple, you'll be paying a little more during the day to park downtown, you'll now have to pay to park until 8pm weekdays, and you'll also be paying a little on Saturdays.

Let's say you work until 6pm downtown, so you're paying one extra hour a day at $3/hr. Let's also say on Saturdays you go out for dinner every weekend downtown, and have to pay $0.50/hr for a two hour meal.

$3 x 5 days a week = $15

$0.50 x two hours a week = $1

That comes out to an extra $16 in parking every week. Simple so far, right?

Multiply that extra $16 by 52 weeks a year and you're spending a whopping $832 A YEAR to park downtown. That's on top of what you were already paying.

These numbers will vary based on what "parking zone" you park in, and what times you're there, etc. You get the idea though. So much for upgrading to that big screen, eh?

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