Treefort has completely taken over Downtown Boise and one of my favorite "forts" of the festival is "Alefort."  Here's how to chose which craft beer you'll want to spend your tokens on!

You'll find Alefort under the tent on 12th between Main and Grove on Friday from 3-8 PM, Saturday from 12-8 PM and Sunday from 3-7 PM.  It's free for adults 21+ and you can purchase tokens for beer for $2.50 a piece at Alefort.  They'll have craft beers from local breweries like Slanted Rock, Crooked Fence, Sockeye, Edge, Payette, Boise Brewing and more...but maybe you're new to the craft brew world.  How do you know which beer to pick?  Take a look at the breakdown of beer styles I wish I'd had when I started the World Beer tour at Old Chicago!

Pale Lager

These beers have a lot of bubbles.  They're pretty mild and usually finish crisp.  If you're trying to adventure outside of the traditional Bud Light or Coors Light.

Blonde Ale

These have a mild malt flavor and the hop bitterness is low to medium.  If you haven't tried a Blonde before, I'll tell you Boise Brewing's "Broad Street Blonde" is one of my favs!


I've got a special spot in my heart for Hefs.  The Widmer Hefeweizen was the first beer that I really loved that wasn't Bud Light Lime.  These have a cloudier appearance and you can taste some yeast with these.  Top it off with a lemon for a refreshing finish!

Pale Ale

These are a bit spicy, earthy or aromatic.  The first brewery I visited in the Treasure Valley was Payette Brewing on Chinden.  They're Pale Ale has been one of my favorites since the first time I've been there!


My boyfriend can't stand IPAs, but I'm a big fan.  These are for the people that really like hops! You'll taste them from start to finish.

Amber Ale

Like malty? Like bitter? These are the perfect blend of both!

Irish Red Ale

I feel like I don't see these outside of the month of March! These are malty with a hint of caramel.

Brown Ale

These taste like malt, caramel and toffee


I'm not a huge fan of dark beers, but these are super good if you can find one on Nitro.  They've got a hint of chocolate with a hint of mild roast.


Again, I can only do these on Nitro.  If you enjoy a heavier beer that incorporates coffee, chocolate, molasses and roasted flavors.  To me, these just taste like something that was burnt but give it a try before you decide you don't like it.

None of these sound good...

Well, Merriweather Cider will be at Alefort too and I highly recommend, well anything they serve.  Their cider selection is insane!

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