It's the little things: "How are you?" Your answer: "Good." Are you good, though? If not, why did you lie? Is it possible for you to go an entire day without telling a lie? 

Here's how a normal conversation goes in my house.

Me: I'm home. I got chicken and some Red Bull.

Janice: How much was it?

Me: The total was $40.

Janice: Wow, $40?

Me: Yeah, that was our total.

The real story is this: I went to the store and got a couple of things but then asked for cash back. That's how the total ended up being $40. Why would I lie?

Tomorrow morning we challenge you. Think about what you've lied about.

Shout out to Albertsons on Vista who never questions me and also listens to me every single time I check out and explain why I'm getting cash back. I swear, I need to invite them over next Christmas. They are so patient with a rambling me.

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