Okay.. it took me three years of being single(ish) and moving to a new city to finally do it. I'm finally trying a dating app.

I've always been hesitant to try online dating. I prefer meeting people in person so I can catch their vibe from the start. But since I'm new to Boise, I thought "Why not?!" So I downloaded Bumble today.

What I've found is that swiping is highly addictive. I feel like I only swiped right 10% of the time, but I had 57 matches in the first hour! Which is hectic because now the pressure is on me to send the first message! How can I filter through 57 profiles and message the ones I'm interested in all within 24 hours?! I'm so stressed out already LOL

BUT, I'm excited to see what this dating app world is about. Will I actually go on any dates? To be determined. But swiping and messaging should fill up my nights for a week at least.

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