Happy Mother's Day! I know it was yesterday, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw this. Here's a message to my amazing wife and our son's unbelievable mother. She is truly an inspiration to us.

Paige and Steve BW

We Met in a Grocery Store, Happy Mother’s Day.

To the wife that is more than a companion and exceeds the qualifications as a mother. To my beloved best friend from her husband and the glimmer in her eyes, her son.

Today is Mother's Day and I have seen you wear more shades of a mom than most parents will endure in a lifetime. You are made of steel, strength, and the determination that your son will always have a voice. You are his best advocate for everlasting life that if you could give yours to save him, you would wear it like a badge of honor because you are helping raise this man to change the world.

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Lennox is our first child and yet you asked me if it was okay for him to carry my father's name to complete his. Little Lennox Jimmy rings out through our house every day as a reminder that my father and his grandfather will never be forgotten.

This wife, this mother is tired. She gave a lot to give everything for this little human that she grew deep inside her brittle little frame. Where one Kidney stone will bring any man to his knees like a baby, she wears 4-5 in each kidney without a complaint.

This mother of our son is shy. She is quiet. Sweet. Soft. Caring. Lovely. She can also cut you with her fiery vocabulary in forms of sentences that will make you think twice about hitting reply. Her outspokenness is how she was raised alongside 5 sisters, a queen and a king of their castle with the humble understanding that women make the world go round.

This mother, this wife will always sacrifice. She will be the last person to shop for herself, last person to eat, and she will NEVER take the last piece of pizza because she will always be full in hopes that your tummy is. My wife and this mother is a constant reminder that life is more than a paycheck. She stands by my side in support of career and more importantly the causes our community shares.

Lennox Paige PreOp

Paige stares uncertainty in the face with determination to solve the problem. This mom doesn't mind being called, "over-reactive", "that mom!", or "crazy” when it comes to her protecting Lennox.  When it comes to our son, mama bear will be your worst nightmare. So, you'd better study up doc and enjoy your sleep. I can guarantee she will be waiting by the door with 5 solutions. This mama knows she's our sons only advocate at the end of the day so you better believe she WON'T be sleeping on the job. She is a mother. It doesn't come with a name tag or a contract with bonuses. You won't see a parking space at the grocery store with her name on it. This mother earns respect by other moms. That is the ultimate honor.

Paige is a warrior like the mothers next to her. Yes, the title of mommy is somewhere but she grew a little human inside her tiny belly while I snored in my dreams next to her. She's LUCKY if someone notices enough to let her go first in line and would only be so fortunate for a compliment from a stranger in the tune of, "having a child looks beautiful on you ma'am. Your family should be proud of you."


Please never give up on us no matter how much we frustrate you. There is NO way that either of us could ever thank you enough or shower you with the right amount of gratitude. You have already sacrificed more than we could imagine. I don't tell you I love you enough and I definitely haven't figured out HOW to listen to you and Lennox at the same time. I am a man. I will never feel your compassion or selfless understanding of the mother-son relationship and would be ignorant in my efforts to even try.

You make us better people and your warmth touches our heart at least 10 times a day with the simple, "I love you." It's always about us and less about you. THAT is what makes you a great mother and a wonderful wife. You are truly a blessing and I see it in our son every time he say's, "I love you, daddy."

I didn’t swipe right on a dating app, meet you in a club, or toast on a blind date. There will never be another because I’ve traveled the country to find you in Boise, Idaho. I met you in a grocery store and fell in love over dinner. I will forever be in debt to you for giving us our most happy addition to our lives, Lennox Jimmy.

I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day Paige

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