He has rivaled extraterrestrials and the loch ness monster in the hearts of people around the world. He is Bigfoot, and scientists, thrill-seekers, and kooks all have searched to prove that he is real. Now a report on youtube shows what appears to be Bigfoot running wild in free in Idaho.  

George Noory first reported the video during his overnight show. Is it the sasquatch? The folks who shot the video claim that it was shot in Idaho. You can watch the video here to see if you recognize any landmarks. The producers claim that it is not a man in a suit because the muscles look natural and not some stuffing in Hollywood movies.  

Check out these Bigfoot Photos.. the story continues after photos.

Bigfoot Pictures

The search for Bigfoot has captured the attention of citizens around the world. The first sighting of Bigfoot happened in the late 60s, which was captured on film in Bluff Creek, California. The film made Paddy, Bigfoot at the time, an international attraction. News reports of Bigfoot citings became an event. Pro Wrestler Andre the Giant played the legendary creature fighting Steve Austin the Six Million Dollar Man in the 70s television series.  

Today Bigfoot is everywhere. His likeness appears in games, movies, selling beef jerky, but is he real?  Idaho State Professor Dr. Jeff Meldrum.  He routinely speaks on the subject of sasquatch and has studied, collected footprints for over twenty years. The doctor doesn't believe in Bigfoot. However, he does believe 'something is out there' in an interview.

Could Bigfoot live in the Gem State? Take a look at the video below and judge for yourself.

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